The Pyramid slot is an amazing slot that takes players through the experience of Egyptian history. As you journey through the pyramids, you also gather treasure. If you want to start betting to win, you need consistent strategy, you can visit to learn about it.

How the game is played

Before you start playing, you should check out the bet size of the slot. If it does not tally with your bankroll, you can adjust it to fit your bank roll. Get introduced to what online gaming is all about, check out to start. Game options include

  1. bet level
  2. Coin value
  3. Autoplay

Use the bet level to adjust the level of the game. The bigger the level, the bigger the pay you get when you hit a win. However, you will also need to pay more bet for every spin you make during each round.


Coin value setting

The coin value is also an important part of playing the game. This value determines the exchange rate of the coins to your bankroll. You can adjust the value of the coin by making use of the + and - to adjust the value of the coin of the game

The bigger the value of the coin you set, the lower the amount of coin you get to use to play. This also implies that you will get more coins when you hit a win. However, you should adjust this option based on the bank roll you have.

Theme and features.

The game is developed based on the Egyptian monuments, the pyramid and it has 720 betway. This is one of teh highest number of bet ways you will come across in a slot. The game also has 5 reels with the top removed making the shape irregular

The reel sits on a blue overlay background with a large pyramid. The reel is flanked by two Egyptian gods each holding a staff with a unique Egyptian symbol at the top. Unlike other reels, the reels in this game do not spin

Bonus features of the game

Now let us talk about the bonus you will come across while playing the game. One of the most popular symbol you will find is the wild. The symbol substitutes for every symbol. This wild gives rise to the wild generation. Below are lists of other bonuses

  • Avalanche multiplier

The wild generation consists of symbols that shows on the top of reels, 2, 3, and 4 and also part of a combination that matches a payline. This symbols turn to a wild and get ready for the following avalanche. The wild is represented by the ankh symbol

Avalanche multiplier feature.

For every win, there is an avalanche. This avalanche occurs as a result of the space left by exploding symbols. In a case whereby there are successive avalanches, you get rewarded. If there are three success avalanches, the avalanche multiplier is increased by one.

This multiplier can go as high as 10 making your win even fatter. The game also has high valued symbols that you will come across on the reel. You should check out this game. Play the demo version to see what it can offer and start betting to win.